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We all know food prices have been going up. Here are some suggestions to try and maximize your dollars at the grocery store.

Before Going to the Store

Try planning your meals for the week ahead of time! This way you can buy food with an intended purpose which will save you from having food that’s going to waste if you don’t use it. It can also save you time at the store because you know exactly what you want to get.

Browse flyers and coupons, and see what’s on sale. Use these as a starting point for your meals for the week
Double-check your cupboards/fridge to see what you currently have and make sure you’re not buying doubles!

At the Store

Coupons – Check the isles and front bulletin boards for coupons. Generic Brand – Buy the generic store brand of items rather than the name brand. *little tip even using coupons brand name options are often still more expensive than the generic brand alternatives. Buy convenience foods less often – This could be anything from hot prepared foods at the store, pre-cut/pre-washed produce, pre-shredded cheese, pre-made meals in the frozen section. These foods are aptly named, they’re very convenient! They are more expensive which is something to be mindful of if you are looking to save.

Sales Items

Cheese/yogurt – There is almost always some brand of cheese or yogurt on sale at the store. Try something new and buy the sale brand!

Budget-Friendly Food Staples

Canned beans/lentils – if you eat a lot of animal protein incorporating more plant-based proteins is a great way to save some money. They’re also really nutritious and full of fibre!

Canned fish – fresh and frozen fish can be expensive! Canned varieties like tuna are great sources of protein and easy to use. “Sale” meats – some stores use a “special” sticker on them to indicate what might be on sale or as an indicator of something close to its sell by date. Those are great to buy and freezer to use later. Frozen fruit and vegetables – these are an alternative to fresh produce especially when they are out of season (think berries in the winter).

Imperfect produce – a lot of grocery stores are getting into the habit of selling produce with imperfections. They might not be as cute as their pretty counterparts but they’re just as nutritious!

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