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Hip and knee pain due to osteoarthritis can make it difficult to enjoy day-to-day life and recreational activities.

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Zoomers has an educated and experienced staff with a passion for providing focused services to promote and support active healthy lifestyles. We are committed to keeping you engaged in the activities you love across your lifespan.

Good Life with osteoArthritis in Denmark (GLA:D) is an education and targeted neuromuscular exercise program developed in Denmark for hip and knee osteoarthritis.

GLA:D is a 6 week, twice a week, educational program.

The program includes 12 exercise sessions and 2 education sessions provided over a 6-week period. Prior to beginning this program, you must also do a physiotherapy GLA:D intake assessment with one of our GLA:D Certified physiotherapists to determine your starting point for the exercise program.

Success stories include walking longer, getting in and out of the car easier, walking up and down the stairs without difficulty and the biggest of all – the relief of pain.

GLA:D Program

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If public health guidelines mandate suspension of this class, it will be transitioned immediately to virtual for the remainder of the session.