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Why should you do a Tele-Health Video Physio Appointment?

Physiotherapy can help you feel better – just because you can’t get to us, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action!

The majority of our work involves observing how you move, providing rehabilitative exercises and teaching you self-management techniques. Although it’s nice to meet in person, we can do all of that from a distance. There are many reasons why coming to the clinic may not be possible for you. No matter the reason, we strongly believe that taking action sooner rather than later is better to ensure you optimize your health and comfort.

What you need:

We have secure video conference capability through our electronic exercise program. All you need is a smartphone or computer with video capability. We will send you easy to follow instructions that allow you to accept our call through your device.

What you can expect:

The physiotherapist will discuss your concerns with you and identify the likely issues. The physiotherapist will complete a physical assessment by having you move the affected area while they watch your movement patterns on the screen. Following the assessment, the physiotherapist will teach you rehabilitative exercises and/or discuss self-management strategies to improve your condition.


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