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Golfer’s elbow, also known as Medial epicondylitis, is an injury that can be caused by overuse or repetitive strain of the forearm flexor muscle group. These activities include gripping objects during sports, for work, or in your everyday activities. With the repetitive strain of this muscle group, damage to the tendon that attaches to the inside of your elbow may result in pain and dysfunction in your elbow joint while using your hand.

Massage therapy can be beneficial in managing and aiding recovery from golfer’s elbow in the following ways:

Reducing Muscle Tension

Your massage therapist can help release tension and tightness in the forearm flexor muscles by using certain stretching and mobilization techniques. Loosening up your muscles will reduce the stress and strain on the affected tendon, which in turn will help you recover faster so you can return to the activities that you love.

Increasing Blood Flow

By performing massage techniques over your affected muscles, your massage therapist will be able to encourage more blood flow to the affected area. This increased blood flow can aid in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your injured tissues, promoting the healing process.

Breaking Scar Tissue

Over time, medial epicondylitis can lead to the formation of scar tissue in your affected tendons. Massage techniques, such as friction massage, can help break down this scar tissue, which will improve the health of your tissues and help you recover faster.

If you suspect that you have medial epicondylitis, book a massage therapy appointment at Zoomers to get started on your healing journey. Our massage therapist will use specialized techniques to help you recover quickly from your injury so you can continue your activities pain-free!

Book a massage with Zoomers now!

Use our online booking tool to find a time that works for you!