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As we get older, we might start noticing our walking slowing down or feeling unsteady. It can be hard to know what to do about it and where to start. We might start wondering where to look for a “physio for seniors near me?” to help us address these issues. Throughout my years working as a physio, many seniors have asked me how they can improve their walking.  Walking well requires adequate core and leg strength.  The strength of these muscles contributes to the speed and stability of your walking.  

There are many exercises that can improve your core and leg strength.  While it is important to consider where to go for “physio for seniors near me”, you can get started with your own strengthening program right at home to help you start walking better. 

Here are 3 of my favourite exercises!

Sit to Stand

If I had to pick one exercise as a favourite, this would be it!  Moving from a seated to a standing position is an easy way to increase the strength and power in your legs.  It is best done off a firm chair placed against a wall (so it won’t slide away from you!).  Position yourself in the middle of the seat (or slightly closer to the front).  Keeping your feet and knees hip-width apart, stand up to a fully upright position; if possible, do not use your hands pushing on the armrests or your legs to help.  Slowly sit back down in the chair without “flopping” down!  Repeat this exercise several times in a row to build the strength in your legs.  You should feel the muscles working in your thighs (quadriceps) and buttocks (gluteals); increasing strength in these muscles will increase your walking endurance and speed.


This exercise involves lying on your back with your knees bent and using your buttock (gluteal) muscles to lift your hips up (while keeping your feet down).  The bridge primarily strengthens your abdominal, lower back and gluteal muscles to increase your walking endurance and tolerance.  It is best done on a mat on the floor but can be done on a bed if getting to the floor is difficult.  Take care in this movement to ensure your lower back does not arch or experience discomfort. If this exercise is done incorrectly, it may cause lower back pain. If this is the case for you, try searching for a “physio for seniors near me” to help you with this exercise.

Heel Raises

Stand behind your kitchen countertop with your fingertips placed on top for balance.  Use your calf muscles to lift your heels up off the floor without letting your ankles wiggle too much; ensure your body moves straight upward (take care not to lean/sway forward which would decrease the effectiveness of the exercise).  Calf strength contributes to your ability to push off and maintain an adequate walking speed to cross the street before the light changes and keep up with your children, grandchildren and pets!

You might still be wondering whether you should find a “physio for seniors near me” once you start these exercises. Well…it depends!

Remember, these movements should not be painful.   If you have any health condition that might make these exercises unsafe or uncomfortable for you, it is best to consult your physio before starting something new.  It is important to have confidence in your technique/movement to ensure you are maximizing the benefit of your time spent exercising.

Walking well requires both strength and stability.  While these exercises can be greatly beneficial, finding a “physio for seniors for me” will help give you the best outcomes for your walking goals!  If we are near you, consider booking with a Zoomers Physiotherapist for an assessment today!

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