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Blending Virtual & In-Clinic Care


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Offering a hybrid model, combining the benefits of these two methods of treatment, optimizes results for our clients. 

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Not every business would say that COVID-19 helped improve their service delivery options for clients but at Zoomers we truly believe it has. 

We are now able to offer our physiotherapy services in-clinic and online.

We transitioned immediately to virtual care and fitness classes when the initial in-clinic service suspension was required. 

There was certainly a steep learning curve to understanding how to maximize the use of technology. We wanted to ensure we could effectively help clients continue to recover from injuries and improve their overall fitness while isolated at home.

However, we soon realized that being able to see clients in their home environment had a lot of positive benefits.  

Why Virtual Care?

Travel time, traffic, energy spent to get to/from the clinic were all positively impacted by receiving care virtually. 

From a technical perspective, I found it really useful to see how clients were positioning themselves at home; at their computer, on their couch, even their sleeping positions. It also allowed me to see how they were setting up their home exercise programs.

Virtual care helped me identify key issues in contributing factors to my clients injuries. I was also able to ensure they were executing their exercises as prescribed at home. The client feedback was incredible! Clients loved it because they had greater confidence in putting my suggestions into action. I could guide them through the whole process “live”.  

In short, virtual care allows the physiotherapist to see clients in the environment where they experience their issues. They can help identify problems that the clients do not recognize themselves. 

With virtual care, we can ensure clients are doing their “homework” (ie: exercise program) properly at home.

Why In-Clinic Care?

When the re-opening began in early June, we welcomed many clients back in through our doors. In-clinic care provides the obvious benefit of hands on assessment and treatment techniques. 

Why The Hybrid Model Works?

While some clients have continued on with virtual care only, most switch back and forth between virtual and in-clinic visits based on their needs. In many cases, I feel this hybrid model is the best possible scenario for clients.

Being able to use a hybrid model to combine the benefits of these two methods of treatment optimizes results for our clients.  

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