Tracy Potter, Physiotherapist


Tracy is passionate about helping others optimize their strength, functional mobility, balance and ultimately their quality-of-life!

She graduated from McMaster University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. After graduation, Tracy’s interests took her into the hospital where she accumulated and continues to accumulate plenty of experience in both the acute-care and rehabilitation settings. Over the course of her career, she realized the need for fall prevention strategies for those living in the community and the need for further rehabilitation after discharge from the hospital to help people return to their previous level of function. For these reasons, she branched out to include home-based physiotherapy as part of her practice.

Specific areas of interest include post stroke rehabilitation, rehabilitation before/after orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation after prolonged hospitalization, fall prevention and exercise for bone health.

Tracy is committed to healthy active living and enjoys cross training, running, cycling, swimming, walks with her husband & labradoodle, time with her family and traveling.

Tracy Potter Physiotherapist Halifax NS